Fix AVI Video File

  • Fixes corrupt or damaged AVI file formats that do not play
  • Repaired AVI video files can be played on both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Fixes and adjoins video and audio data stream side by side
  • Supports devices like hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drive and various types of memory cards
  • This software is avaiable for free download, so get it right now to fix your AVI file

AVI files are more popular because they can be played on major mainstream media players. As it requires no special software or hardware, you can go about seeing movies wherever you want. All goes well as long as these files do not start behaving erratic. Once it does, your viewing goes for a toss. A small error can degenerate into a major one, and can finally render the file inaccessible. Are you tensed and thinking about how to fix AVI video file? Just be calm!!! In order to fix such inaccessible AVI files, you need an AVI repair tool. This software helps in repairing AVI file and allows you to restore all your stored information. Thus, it is also referred as AVI file recovery application.

Want to fix corrupt AVI files?

You can easily repair AVI files by using AVI file repair software. Once the file is repaired, you will be able to view all your unplayable or corrupt video files without interruptions. This application has a powerful in-built algorithm to repair the error without hampering the original data. This tool comes in two separate versions for Windows and Mac systems. So, if you come across any problem playing the video files in Mac operating system, just get the AVI file repair tool for fixing AVI file on Mac based computers. You can also preview the repaired or fixed files prior to data restoration. Thus, in case you are searching out for solution on how to fix AVI video files, then choosing AVI file repair tool is the right choice.

Reasons for AVI file corruption:

Human error: Certain errors, like switching off the computer improperly, or removing the memory card forcefully while transferring AVI files can damage AVI files.

Software problem: AVI files get corrupt when there is sudden power surge or internal glitch while the file is playing.

Virus attack: Sometimes, while downloading video files viruses and malwares do enter the system. This may also lead to file corruption.

Synchronization error: If the audio and video stream is not properly synced it leads to major incompatibility issues, and finally renders the file unplayable.

However, all the above explained scenarios can be easily tackled with this AVI file repair tool. This software knows how to fix AVI video files and make them playable as before. With the help of its advanced scanning technology, it scans and fixes corrupted AVI files within few couple of clicks.This tool proves to be an appropriate solution for repairing AVI file on all updated versions of Windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 7. It can not only fix AVI files, but you also employ this repair software to repair Xvid, DivX and other video file formats with utmost ease and accuracy.

Nevertheless, with the help of this award winning software you can easily fix corrupted, damaged, broken AVI video file from digital camera and camcorder. This software repairs AVI video files on Windows OS Vista, XP, 7, 2008, etc and Mac OS Lion, Leopard, etc.

Tips to prevent AVI files from getting corrupt:

It is better to keep backup of all your important AVI video files in a different storage device. You must also keep an updated anti-virus program in your system to prevent viruses from damaging healthy AVI movie files. Finally, try to avoid simple mistakes like pulling out a storage device improperly or switching-off the system when the media file is still playing.

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Steps for fix AVI file:

Follow the below mentioned procedure to fix your AVI file video in just a few minutes:

Step 1: Download the software and install it in your computer. Now launch the application and browse for the corrupted file which needs to be repaired.

Fix AVI - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the process gets over, a new window with an option to preview the repaired files comes up. Click it see the repaired file.

Fixing AVI - Preview

Figure 2: Preview

Step 3: Now you need to save the file. Choose a destination location and click "Save" to restore the fixed file.

AVI Fixer- Save Files

Figure 3: Save Files