How to Fix Missing Codec Error with AVI File?

AVI is a video file format used across the world. This video file format can be played using any media player. But sometimes due to certain reason AVI fie is having codec error i.e. audio is playing but AVI video doesn’t play. It is really a drastic situation for users when AVI files get corrupted and having codec error. Can anyone suggest how to fix AVI codec error?

Fix AVI is a robust and reliable tool to fix codec error with few mouse clicks. This repair tool can also be used to repair MOV and MP4 video files. Once the video file is repaired, you can save it one any storage device. You are capable of repairing damaged, broken and corrupted AVI files without any issues. This application is well-suited to fix all sorts of AVI files. You can purchase this online to fix corrupted AVI file with codec error. In order to repair AVI file that won’t play, you have to refer this link:

Few reasons for corruption of AVI Files

  • Use of Unreliable Media Player: Media is an application used on your system to play video of different file formats. In case, if the media player is not installed properly or user is having some error while installing the application then there are chances that AVI video played through this application get corrupted or having codec error.
  • Conversion of Video File Format: Video conversion tool is available online to convert the file formats of video files. The use of unreliable conversion tool may corrupt the AVI video format. As a result AVI videos become unplayable on any media player software.
  • Virus or Malware Attack: The virus and malware programs are equally responsible for corruption of AVI video files. When such video is downloaded through infected sites or system it might be possible that virus enters into the system and corrupt the AVI video file.
  • Use of Improper Recovery Tool: The video recovery tool is used when AVI videos lost from your system. Sometimes unreliable software can recover but corrupts the AVI videos. In such case, you can search for reliable tool to repair corrupt AVI video.
  • Other Factors: Some other circumstances responsible for AVI codec error are sudden shut down of system, power surge, synchronization error, etc.

Whatever the reason behind the inaccessible of AVI file, dont get panic anymore, just try Fix AVI tool to repair corrupt AVI video files due to above mentioned reasons. You can easily fix ACI codec error with few mouse clicks.

Salient features of Fix AVI Tool

  • This repair tool can fix AVI video file having codec errors. You can use this video fixer tool on all the version of Windows and Mac based system.
  • You can also preview the repaired AVI video files having codec error. Once you preview the repaired video file then you can also save them on desired location.
  • The demo version of this tool is available on website so that user can download and check the performance of this application.
  • The support team provides all information regarding software. You can contact the support team through phone lines and emails.
  • Apart from AVI files, you can also repair damaged AVI files MOV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, etc. With this tool, you can fix codec error as well.

Simple Steps to Fix AVI Codec Error

Step 1: Download demo version of the software and do the installation on your PC. Browse and select the codec error AVI video file which you want to repair and then click on the "Repair" button as in Figure 1.

Fix AVI Codec Error - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of the AVI repair process, the software provides you with a new window to view the repaired AVI video file as in Figure 2..

Fix Missing Codec Error with AVI File - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Now click "Save" to save the repaired AVI video file on your own desired location as in Figure 3.

Save File

Figure 3: Save File

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