Tool to Repair Corrupt AVI File

Are you not able to fix corrupt avi files that are not behaving as they did before? Actually, avi file reflects unpredictable nature when it gets corrupt due to several factors like synchronization error during transferring files between computers and other removable media, virus attack to avi files, software incompatibility, improper system shutdown, file system error etc. As soon as you find avi files corrupted or broken after such disasters, just employ Fix AVI Files software and get back your avi files to healthy state as before they was. It is the best tool to repair avi files, which is highly reviewed and rewarded by industry experts.

No doubt, avi files are most common video file format as all popular media players support it. Like other files, it does not require additional software or hardware to process. Enjoying avi videos may stop when it starts to predict undesired behavior after some file corruption issues. However, you can resolve such avi file corruption issues very easily with Fix Corrupt AVI tool by performing damaged avi file repair but it is very important to know about factors, which may lead to avi file corruption so that you can avoid such problems in future. In the list of major concerns related to avi file corruption, synchronization error during file transfer is very common factor. When someone try to transfer avi file between computer and any removable device like memory card, iPod, USB drive etc, an error can lead to corruption of avi file.

Virus attack to avi files or presence of viruses in particular storage location can result in damaging avi files. It is the most happening scenario, responsible for avi file corruption. A virus program can reflect undesired changes on avi file content. After that file behaves erratic or sometime, you cannot access it. In addition, it may corrupt file header badly which results in file inaccessibility. If you are playing or performing read operation on particular avi file, sudden system shutdown or system reboot also reflect dangerous effects on avi file. File system error is also very common and sensitive reason behind avi file corruption. When you attempt to resizing and re-partitioning the computer hard drive partitions, an error during above process may result in inaccessible or corrupt avi files. On such situations, the only thing to do is to employ Fix Corrupt AVI tool. It is designed with powerful scanning algorithms to scan and fix avi videos after any type of file corruption issue.

Fix Corrupt AVI software is equipped with advanced technology to resolve all possible sorts of file corruption scenarios and guides you in simple way on how to fix corrupt avi file in few easy steps. It supports computer users to repair corrupt avi file on Macintosh computer as well as on Windows computer. By using Fix Corrupt AVI tool, you can repair divx videos that are reside in USB drives, FireWire devices, memory cards, flash drives etc. You can follow this link and learn how to fix corrupted Divx video files by using this software.

This corrupt avi video file repair utility has capacity to fix avi video index as well. Thus, AVI files with index issues are also resolved successfully. To ensure its performance, you can try free demo version of this tool to fix avi files. It is an easy to use application that has been designed with user-friendly features. In face this application easily fixes AVI files broken due to AVI header file corruption, virus attacks, file system conversion, etc with ease. After fixing the corrupted AVI files, you can preview all the fixed AVI video clips in the demo version itself.

Steps to be followed to repair corrupt avi files:

Step 1: Launch the free demo version of Fix Corrupt AVI software. On the main screen, select the file that needs to be repaired. Click on "Repair" tabto start repair process

Fix Corrupt AVI - Main Window

Step 2: After successful repair process completion, a "Preview" option will be displayed on a new window. Click on the option to preview the repaired avi file.

Fix Corrupt AVI - Preview Window

Step 3: On next window, save the repaired file. Browse for the location and click on the "Save" button.

Fix Corrupt AVI - Save Option