Application to Fix Damaged AVI File

Audio Video Interleave file is commonly known as AVI file. This multimedia file format is launched by Microsoft. AVI file format holds both audio and video data within it and allows audio track to synchronous with video track. The primary advantage of these files is its simple architecture, which makes it possible to run them on any OS and is supported by all popular browsers. AVI file has many advantages, but the main problem with these files is that it easily gets damaged. There are numerous factors which may damage your AVI file and make it inaccessible.

Scenarios which are responsible for AVI file corruption:

  • Virus infection:The most prominent reason for AVI file corruption is malware or virus infection on system hard drive. Deadly viruses will infect the AVI file present on your system hard drive and makes it unplayable.
  • Sudden system termination: Many times abrupt power failure or sudden system shutdown results in AVI file corruption. Suppose you are watching or editing your AVI video clip and power failure occurs resulting in improper system termination. This abnormal termination of system might cause damage to your AVI file header, due to which it refuses to play.
  • Improper file transfer: AVI files may also get corrupt if there is any interruption while moving or transferring your AVI video file from any storage device like pen drive, memory card etc to computer or vice versa.
  • Incomplete downloading: Sudden system termination in between AVI file downloading process, also cause damage your AVI file.
  • Other reasons: Codec issues, OS failure, application malfunction, hardware crash are few more reasons as a result of which AVI file get damaged.

How to repair damaged AVI video file?

It doesn’t matter how your AVI file get damaged you can successfully repair it with Repair AVI tool. This damaged avi file repair tool is equipped with innovative features to detect and repair damaged avi files under each and every corruption scenarios quite easily. It first splits up the audio and video stream of corrupted AVI file and repairs them side by side. Its powerful built-in algorithm identifies the underlying cause of corruption, and fixes the affected part of the AVI file smoothly. It is the best tool to fix corrupt AVI file, because it doesn't alter the original clarity of the video and audio is retained after the repair process. This tool is compatible to run on all well-known version of Windows operating system such as Windows 2008, Windows 2007, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Serve 2003. After repairing all the damaged AVI files, you are provided with an option to preview all the repaired AVI clips in the demo version itself.

Mac version of this damaged avi file fixer application is also available to fix damaged avi file on Mac based PCs or laptops. Refer this link: to find full info about its Mac version. This tool can fix damaged audio video files from hard drives, USB drives, flash cards, etc. The repair process won't keep you waiting for long and once done, the preview option helps you see the repaired file prior to restoration. By utilizing trail version of this app you check the software performance. And if you are satisfied with it trial version results then choose licensed version of this application to save repaired AVI file. Additionally the tool can fix DIVX and XVID video file formats.

Important Tips:

  • Never interrupt the AVI file downloading process in between.
  • Create a backup of your important AVI file on some reliable storage drive.
  • Use strong power source to get rid from abnormal system termination.

Procedure to repair damaged AVI files:

Step 1: Download the software from the site and install it on your PC. Run the application, browse and select the damaged avi file and click on repair button.

Repair Damaged AVI Files- Main Screen

Step 2: On completion of the repair process, you get a new window with a preview option.

Repair Damaged AVI Files- Preview File

Step 3: Now you need to save the file. Choose a destination and click ‘Save’ to restore the fixed file.

Repair Damaged AVI Files - Save File