Guidelines for Fixing Corrupted Divx Files

Are you unable to play DivX file or DivX file is not opening on your system? It might be very painful for anyone when he finds his favorite DivX avi videos corrupted or damaged. After such disasters if you want these corrupt files working well, you should try to fix DivX files with help of a proficient tool to repair avi file. For this purpose, Fix AVI Files is an appropriate utility that repairs corrupt or damaged DivX files very effectively after various file corruption issues like synchronization error during file transfer, abrupt system shutdown, virus infection, software malfunction and other unknown factors. It is highly reviewed avi repair tool recommended by excellent computer professionals to repair divx files.

DivX file is very popular video format for providing high quality videos. You may find your favorite videos or movies not playable after getting corrupt or broken. There are several reasons that lead to broken DivX files. Before attempting to fix DivX file, it is better to know why it happens. Human errors like abrupt system shutdown or sudden power surge may result in damaging data streams of DivX videos. When you play DivX file, any interruption to file read operation like sudden power surge leads to damaging data streams of DivX file hence making the file corrupted. Software malfunction or software incompatibility issues are also responsible for DivX file corruption. An attempt to play video file on such media player, which does not support DivX file, leads to corrupting the file. On such file corruption issues, you must employ Fix AVI Files software. It is leading software to rescue data from corrupt files. You can use this software to repair avi video files along with xvid and DivX files.

Virus infection to DivX files is also very common reason that leads to severe damage. Virus program can alter important components of a file hence making it corrupt. File header corruption also leads to DivX file corruption. A file header contains necessary information of a file such as file size, its creation and modification date, file type etc. Any alteration to file header makes that inaccessible. Improper removal of USB drive or memory card while transferring file to system or playing file from these storage devices may also leads to file corruption. In such circumstances, your question would be how to fix divx file. However, using Fix AVI Files software, you can easily repair unplayable files, which are broken or corrupt.

Fix AVI Files software works efficiently on both Macintosh and Windows operating system environment and can fix corrupted divx files on Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, and many more. . Software supports repairing of DivX 8.x files on Windows OS and DivX 7.x files on Macintosh OS. If you are Mac user, you can effortlessly repair damaged avi videos on Mac OS. Software fixes corrupt DivX file by splitting audio and video data streams of broken parts of file and then de-mux it to transform. It creates a replica of damaged DivX file to insure integrity of source file data. It comes with easy to use GUI so that a novice user can also use this tool to fix corrupt Xvid, AVI, DivX, etc video files. All the fixed Divx files can be previewed in the demo version itself, before saving them at your desired location. This award winning software is capable of fixing corrupted AVI files from digital camera and camcorder of different manufacturing brands such as Kodak, Nikon, Minolta, Canon, etc with utmost ease. By using this award winning tool, you can even repair broken avi files with utmost ease.

Steps to follow to repair corrupt avi files

Step 1: Launch the free trial version of Fix Corrupt AVI software. On the main window, select the DivX file that needs to be repaired. Click on "Repair" tab to start repair process

Fix DivX - Main Screen

Step 2: Upon successful repair process completion, a "Preview" button will be displayed on a new window. Click on that option to preview the repaired DivX file.

Fix DivX - File Preview Window

Step 3: On next window, save repaired DivX files. Browse for the location and click on the "Save" option.

Fix DivX - Save Repaired File