How can you Fix AVI File that Won’t Play???

AVI is abbreviated as Audio Video Interleave is the first multimedia format which is ingrained with combined structure of audio as well as video data that allows the real-time playback of both audio-video data. Generally, this AVI video file format is encoded with MPEG-4, XviD, DivX and other file types. An AVI file type is fairly common to play videos or movies online and it uses less compression when compared to other audio and video files. If this AVI file gets damaged or corrupted in any way, then you might encounter problem while playing these AVI videos. You might get to see that the video file gets struck, but the sound continues or a distorted colored block appears or at times these AVI videos do not play at all.

The file structure of an AVI video file can easily get corrupted during the playback due to variable factors, which in turn makes the healthy AVI file unplayable. In such cases, only third party AVI file fixer will help you out in repairing corrupted or damaged AVI files thereby making the corrupt AVI file playable. Fix AVI is one such repair toolbox which is highly reviewed by industry experts and has potential to repair AVI video file not playing on any media player of Windows or Mac computer. Have a look at the given page link, to learn how actually this utility can fix AVI file that won’t play.

Scenarios under which AVI video file get corrupt and refuses to play:

  • While downloading AVI videos online, if there occurs any type of interruption because of downloading files from unauthorized websites, network inconsistency, etc. would result in corruption of AVI video file. Due to this, the AVI video file becomes unreadable and refuses to play. In this situation, you can fix AVI files that don’t play by using AVI file fixer.
  • Virus intrusion on your computer from internet browsing or third party tool, might infect the stored AVI video files severely and makes them not playable resulting in loss of precious AVI file. But, using this repair tool you can repair AVI video file not playing and make them playable as before.
  • In AVI video files, if the audio and video data streams are not synchronized properly, then the AVI videos do not play due to incompatibility issues, which clearly means that your AVI video file has got damaged and needs a repair tool to fix AVI file that won’t play to make them playing once again.
  • When you are trying to convert the AVI video file format to some other video format and due to some error could not convert the AVI file successfully, then your existing AVI files will get damaged because of improper conversion.

Do not worry, if your AVI videos do not play because of any of the above discussed reasons!!! Just be calm, you can easily tackle with all these AVI file corruption scenarios and make the inaccessible AVI video file to play it smoothly as before. Fix AVI tool provides you an easy way to overcome AVI video file corruption scenarios, it uses robust algorithms in order to de-mux damaged or corrupted Avi video file and transform it to a new AVI file. This application is capable to mend avi files that won’t play which are corrupted, damaged, truncated or broken. It fixes AVI videos and simultaneously adjoins both audio and video data stream. You can employ this toolkit to fix AVI movies on both Windows and Mac operating system computers. All the fixed AVI files can be previewed prior to saving them at your destination location.

Simple steps to repair corrupted AVI video file that is not playing:

Step 1: Download demo version of the software and do the installation on your PC. Browse and select the not playing AVI video file which you want to repair and then click on the "Repair" button as in Figure 1.

Fix AVI File that Won’t Play - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of the AVI repair process, the software provides you with a new window to view the repaired AVI video file as in Figure 2..

Fix AVI File that Won’t Play - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Now click "Save" to save the repaired AVI video file on your own desired location as in Figure 3.

Save File

Figure 3: Save File

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