How to Fix AVI Files Out of Sync Issue???

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a multimedia video file format developed by Microsoft Corporation, these files saves both audio and video onto a single file; which makes them more effective than other video files. Furthermore nowadays these files are more popular in applications like MSN Live Messenger, Skype etc. However, unfortunately even AVI files are prone to problem and one such frequently occurring issues is AVI file out of sync.

It is very annoying if your AVI files audio track is behind or ahead of the video track, even if it is only for one or two seconds. AVI files out of sync issues can be very frustrating and more serious if you have spent around hours to download the AVI video. Many users feel helpless in such circumstances and get very disappointed and question everyone on how to fix AVI files out of sync? If you are such user who has an AVI video which has sync issue, no need to lose your patience you can overcome this problem with the help of fix AVI software.

People often encounter the above mentioned audio video sync problem while trying to convert their AVI video to other file formats such as MOV,MKV, WMV, AVCHD etc. using unreliable converters. Sometimes when audio track not matching with its lip movement makes the video feel like 1970's English dubbed karate flick, fortunately you can use Video Audio Fixer software to fix AVI files out of sync. How to repair audio video out of sync question is now having appropriate answer as Audi Video file fixer tool.

Although there are few media players such as VLC and others which allows users to repair AVI file out of sync, but they do not provide 100% success rate and many a time’s fixing AVI video using such techniques leads to more damage, this problem can often be corrected in a matter of minutes especially if it's not too bad off to start with. It is the best tool to repair audio video out of sync.

Video Audio Sync Fixer software is an audio sync fixer utility, using which you can fix AVI files out of sync error. You can employ this software to fix avi files with sync error that are stored on any storage devices such as removable hard disk, internal hard disk, memory cards, iPods, cameras and etc. The tool is specially designed to overcome audio and video sync problem with AVI video caused due to any reason; you can use this utility to make your unplayable AVI file back to its working condition by relying on this application. Adding to this the tool is compatible to run on all Windows (8, 7, Vista and XP) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion) operating systems.

Salient Features of the software:

  • Repair AVI codec error in few simple steps with the aid of its quick algorithm.
  • Allows users to preview the fixed AVI video before saving
  • Available for free download which helps users to fix avi files out of sync issue in order to check the performance of the software before actual purchase
  • Other than AVI the program, it can also fix Xvid file, DivX video file with great ease.
  • The repaired AVI video can be played on both Mac and Windows operating system platform
  • Has friendly user interface using which even a novice user can easily repair his / her AVI video.
  • Repairs corrupt or broken AVI video that do not play on players like WMP, QuickTime etc. Refer this site to find complete details on how to repair broken AVI file.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Don’t use unreliable converter tool to convert your important AVI videos
  • Use antivirus program to remove virus from your computer
  • Don’t play your AVI videos on incompatible multimedia players

Follow these simple steps to fix AVI files out of Sync:

Step 1: Download this powerful tool and install it on your system, open the main window, then select the AVI video out of sync and click on "Repair" tab to start the repair process as shown in fig 1.

How to Fix AVI Files out of Sync - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Check the progress of the AVI file repair process, in case if you wish to terminate it click on "Cancel" option. Once the repair process accomplishes, you can preview the repaired AVI file as shown in fig 2.

How to Fix AVI Files out of Sync - Preview Repaired AVI File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired AVI File

Step 3: In case if you want to save the repaired AVI video file to any of your storage drives, you can save the file by clicking on "Save" option as shown in fig 3.

How to Fix AVI Files out of Sync - Save AVI File

Figure 3: Save AVI File

Step 4: : If you are satisfied with the tool you can purchase and activate the software to load previously saved and scanned information.