Repair AVI Files

My AVI file not playing smoothly on system media player? While other video file format playing well” People usually encounter this kind of issues while playing their AVI files on their system media player. The real reason for this unusual action is the corruption of AVI file. Every file has its own header and footer, when the header of the AVI file gets corrupt you can’t play it on any media player. How to repair avi files in such circumstances.To resolve this critical issue, utilize AVI Repair software. The special built-in algorithms of this tool scans your corrupt AVI file and repairs it. Once your AVI file get repaired, you can play on any media player. This application not only allows you to fix avi files, but it even helps you in fixing DIVX and XVID file. Before leading towards the file repair process let’s have a look on some scenarios which leads to AVI file corruption.

Reasons for AVI file corruption:

  • Forceful system shutdown:Sometimes, when a system hangs, it refuses to take the shutdown command. At this situation users usually go for forcible shutdown option. Such sudden and abrupt shutdowns can lead to the corruption or codec error in AVI files. In such condition, this tool can be used to fix AVI codec error without any issues.
  • Improper download: If there is any interruption while downloading AVI file,then it may result in incomplete(broken) download due to which your AVI video gets corrupt and refuse to play
  • Header corruption: The header file of AVI video stores all the details regarding the file such as date of creation, file size, modification date etc. If the header of AVI file gets corrupt as consequence of certain errors while recording then it ends in AVI file corruption. After AVI file header corruption, utilize this tool to repair avi files with maximum ease.
  • Malware attack: When you don’t have antivirus software, your system is prone to malware attack. Sudden malware attack can damage AVI files.
  • Incomplete file transfer: If your AVI file transferring process gets interrupted in-between due to reasons like improper system shutdown, hard drive crash, sudden power failure etc then also your AVI files become unplayable. You can repair unplayable avi files after incomplete AVI file transfer by making use of this AVI movie files repair software.

Fix AVI file software:

A damaged AVI file can be fixed with the help of AVI repair software. AVI repair software is a prominent tool that fixes avi video files. It can repair unplayable .avi, .xvid and .divX file formats. By transforming an erratic display into seamless presentation, it converts useless videos into useful files so that the corrupted AVI files after repairing with this tool can play well, for more details visit this link -

This software has an in-built powerful algorithm to splice and de-mux the broken parts of a corrupt file. Mac users can make use of Mac version of this software to repair avi files on Mac machines including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, etc. . When it comes to Windows, this tool supports repair and recovery of files from Windows 2003 and 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. It also supports devices such as USB drives, memory cards and flash drives.

Safety measures:

  • Maintain a backup of your crucial AVI file
  • Don’t interrupt the file downloading process in between
  • Use strong power source to avoid abnormal system termination
  • Use update version of antivirus program in your system

Broken AVI file restoration steps

The following steps need to be followed to fix damaged avi video files

Step 1: Launch the application on the main screen and then select the file that needs to be repaired. Click on "Repair"

Fix AVI Files - Main Screen

Step 2: The file repair process initiates and once successful, a “Preview” option will be displayed in a new window. Click on the option to preview the repaired file.

Fix AVI Files - Preview File

Step 3: Next, you need to save the repaired file. Browse for the location and click on the "Save" button.

Fix AVI Files - Save File