Tool to Fix Unplayable AVI File

AVI is one of the popular video file formats and is located as .avi extension. It brings both audio and video files in single platform and is specially built for Windows and Mac machines. Computer users normally store their important video files in AVI format on their system and they might be even downloaded from internet. But sometimes your video player fails to play AVI files due to corruption issues. If the unplayable AVI files are very much valuable for you then you might be thinking how to play corrupted AVI fie. Be relaxed!! Here is prominent tool to fix AVI files that are severely damaged or corrupted. AVI file repair application can fix all corrupted AVI video files it will be the perfect solution to play corrupted AVI files on Windows and Mac OS based computers. If you need to fix AVI files on Mac OS X then you can get more information on this link - This corrupted AVI file repair app helps you to mend the AVI files which might be corrupted due to below discussed reasons.

  • Virus infection: Whenever virus infects AVI files stored on your hard drive, then this risky virus may potentially damage the AVI files and AVI files refuge to play. After such critical instance, take the help of this software to play corrupt avi video files quite easily without any difficulty.
  • Video Player issues: Sometimes installed video player issues could corrupt AVI files while playing these videos on damaged video player.
  • Synchronization errors: Suppose you desire to transfer AVI files from system to cell phone or iPod then you have to synchronize AVI files. While synchronizing AVI files if any interruptions occur or synchronization is done improperly then AVI files might be corrupted and fails to play.
  • Abrupt system shutdown: While playing AVI files suppose the system gets shut down without any notification, then the AVI files chosen to play might be corrupt and next time whenever you try to play those files then it could not play properly.

Once AVI files come across any of the above discussed overwhelming issues then those video files might be non playable. In such situation, you need to use this AVI repair tool to fix avi file not playing due to severe corruption; this software plays a significant role to repair non playable or corrupted AVI files. This tool can professionally repair corrupted AVI files with the aid of powerful scan technology and algorithms. This software easily guides you how to play corrupted AVI file in simple steps. You can make use of this time saving repair app to repair corrupted or damaged or non playable AVI, XVID and DIVX files efficiently if you need more info on DIVX file repair then check this URL -

This AVI file repair tool helps you to repair unplayable avi files after severe corruption, it cleanly fixes and then adjoins audio and video content. You can use this software to fix corrupted or broken AVI video files on all Windows and Mac based computers in few moments. You can use this software to repair the AVI files which are not harmonic with sound and video. It is completely read only tool and has detailed screen shots to guide user how to play corrupted AVI file. By using this tool, you can repair not playing avi file that are stored in various removable storage devices like pen drive, external hard disk, SD card, xD card, FireWire drive, etc. Sometimes AVI file might be broken in external storage devices like memory cards, CF cards, USB drive etc. in this situation also you can fix broken AVI files in simple steps. It is available in trial version, you can also check the results and later get licensed version of this software. All the fixed AVI files can be previewed in the trial version itself, prior to saving them at your desired location.

Simple procedure to be followed to repair corrupt AVI files

Step 1: Launch the free trial version and then from main window select the AVI file that needs to be repaired from main screen and then click on "Repair" tab to start repair process

How to Play Corrupted AVI File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Upon successful repair process completion, a "Preview" button will be displayed on a new window. Click on that option to preview the repaired AVI file.

How to Play Corrupted AVI File - Preview AVI File

Figure 2: Preview AVI File

Step 3: On next window, save repaired AVI files. Browse for the location and click on the "Save" option. But to save repaired files you need to buy complete version of this software.

How to Play Corrupted AVI File - Save Fixed File

Figure 3: Save Fixed File