How to Fix AVI File on Mac Machine?

Interrupted or disjointed viewing of a video file can leave you frustrated and annoyed. Avi video files downloaded on your Macintosh system from the internet may become unplayable, or suddenly freeze while playing, due to avi file corruption. Sometimes, when you try to open an avi file it shows an error message. But the real challenge lies in repairing .avi video files. And that's because, you need to know how to go about.

A corrupt avi file can be repaired and restored on Mac OS with the help of Repair AVI Mac. Several repair tools are available to fix avi files, but you must be careful while choosing your damaged AVI file repair software to ensure safety and security of your system. This application repairs the files smoothly, and restores it to its original form.

Want to repair damaged AVI video files?

By using a Mac AVI repair tool, you can fix avi on macintosh OS X including Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, etc. It is configured to repair avi files safely. The powerful algorithm of this tool can fix avi on Mac and reconstruct damaged video and audio data stream simultaneously. It guides you with simple mechanism to fix corrupt avi files on Mac oriented machines with greater ease. This read only application supports repair of files in Mac OS X 10.5.8 and above versions. These tools also come with a preview option to enable pre-view of the repaired file. Refer this page: to find out how this tool repair corrupt AVI files.

Reasons for AVI file corruption are:

  • Virus or Malware attack: While downloading files from the internet, viruses may enter your Mac system and corrupt the .avi files, preventing it from playing smoothly.
  • Synchronization Error: When the audio and video stream of a video clip does not run together, it hampers smooth viewing. After such unexpected error, kindly make use of this software to repair avi video file on Mac os x in hassle free manner.
  • Technical Error: Sometimes while viewing a video clip, a sudden power surge might damage AVI files and make it unplayable.
  • Transfer Error:If AVI video file transferring process gets interrupted due to reasons such as power failure, sudden termination of system, hard drive crash and etc, then also it leads to AVI files corruption.

Safety Measures:

  • Scan your Mac system regularly to keep it virus free.
  • Backup your important AVI files on some reliable storage device.
  • Never eject your external drive during AVI file copying or transfer process.
  • Use a reliable video player to play your AVI video files

Steps to fix corrupt avi file on your Macintosh PC

Just follow the simple procedure to fix avi file within minutes. Visit thsi link to regain full info about AVI repair tool

Step 1:Download and Install the software on your Mac system. Double click on the desktop icon and run the application. Select ‘Browse’ option and click on the corrupted avi file you need to repair.

Main Screen

Step 2: Once you have selected your file, click ‘Repair’, and the software will instantly start the repairing process. A fresh window will appear where you will have an option to preview the repaired files.


Step 3: Preview over, you need to select a particular location, and the folder in which you wish to save the file. Next, press the save button to save the file.