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Sometimes it happens that the video or movie that you wanted to play is not getting started. It appears to be frozen. There may be a situation that pictures of the movie are appearing on the screen but there is no sound audible to its users. Picture freezes but the sounds are audible to its listeners. Also, it may be a case that only sound can be heard by you but no pictures can be viewed on the screen. All these problems arise when your AVI file has undergone some kind of corruption issues.

A damaged file cannot be opened on your PC until it is repaired. Such troubles are so irritating, when you have scheduled yourself to watch a movie or video and when you play the movie it is found to be damaged. These corruptions make the AVI files unplayable. Then you will postpone your program of watching movie. However you can rely on AVI fixer that can fix the unplayable AVI file instantly. This tool can reconstruct a damaged file safely and all repaired files can be playable fine, for more info on AVI file repair check this link - www.fixavi.com/how-to-play-corrupted-file.html. It can not only mend AVI movies but also repair Xvid and divx file other than Avi files in a very simple and easy manner. It's MAC version is also available to secure AVI files on MAC. To get more info regarding fixing AVI files on MAC systems, visit https://www.fixavi.com/mac.html


AVI fixer is capable to deal with problems existing in the unplayable AVI file. Also, it can establish a healthy AVI file from the damaged AVI file. This AVI movie fixer is smart enough to repair avi video file index and thus helps to play video smoothly. To know more on how to fix avi video file index, click here: www.fixavi.com/video-index.html .This AVI movie repair tool can repair both video as well as audio of Avi, divx and Xvid files. By using this tool you can get  your corrupted Avi files fixed with utmost ease.  The demo version of the tool is provided so that you can repair AVI movies and check out the efficiency of the tool before purchasing it. The demo version of this tool fixes the issues in your AVI files within few couple of clicks and allows you to view fixed AVI video files before saving them at your destination location on your computer.

Some Reasons Which Damage Your AVI Files

  • An Avi file may get corrupted due to third party attack for an example virus attack.
  • The crashing of the operating system can cause Avi file malfunctioning.
  • Codec corruption results in making the Avi files unplayable.
  • Improper shutting down of windows causes damage to the Avi files and they may not play again. Visit here if your AVI files have become unplayable.
  • Bad sectors persisting on your PC can also affect the Avi files badly.
  • Using this amazing utility you can even fix audio video out of sync error.

  • Avoid improper Shutting down of the PC.
  • Use a UPS system  to avoid power surge problems.
  • Stop working on the computer when the Avi files had undergone some damage.

Guidelines to use AVI fixer

    Step-1: Download the AVI movie fixer tool and install it on your computer.  Run the software after installing is done. A main screen appears with the option to browse Avi file.

    AVI Movie Fixer - Main Screen

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step-2: Browse and select the Avi file that you wanted to get fixed or repaired.

    Step-3:  Click on the repair option  which is displayed on the screen. All the description related to repair files will be shown the screen of your computer.

    AVI Fixer - AVI Description

    Figure 2: AVI Description

    Step-4: Take a look of the fixed Avi file , if you are satisfied with this tool you can purchase it and save your re-established damage free files.

    Fix AVI Movie - Save Screen

    Figure 3: Save Screen

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Video files irrespective of the format that include AVI, MOV, etc cannot be played on any media player when it's header gets damaged or missing. Whatever may be the reasons behind the corruption or loss of video header, one can easily fix video files with missing header by making use of AVI File Repair software with great ease.