How to Repair AVI Video Index?

Today, there are many video formats supported by different gadgets. Some of the commonly used video formats are MP4, 3G2, M4V, MPG, AVI, MOV, etc… Audio Video interleaved, known as AVI, is a popular video format which is introduced by Microsoft. AVI works on a simple concept where data in file will be divided into small parts known as chunks. There are three sub categories in these chunks. The first one is the file header, that contains all important information about the video file like file size, frame rate, etc… The next sub category will have all chunks which contain actual data. i.e., all video and audio data chunks fall in this category. The last one is index, which is a  number or in other words will contain an array numbered for actual data chunks.

When you play a video file from start to end without altering the play of file, index is not required. But if you want to forward and play, or play from some particular instant. In all these cases you will need the index of video file. So if your AVI video index is corrupted, you should repair it so that you can play videos according to your comfort. So, here comes the need of a tool to fix AVI video index. There are many third party tools available in internet to repair AVI video file index. Among them, Fix AVI is the most widely used tool that can fix index issue in very few simple steps & thus help you to play videos smoothly enabling all functions like forward, rewind, etc…

Now, let’s see the features of Fix AVI program and find out if it is a right choice to fix AVI video index.

  • The utility will repair AVI video index on both Windows and Mac systems efficiently.
  • It fixes index issue and also synchronizes the audio & video chunks in orderly format thus making video file easy to play.
  • The program will not just repair AVI video index, but also has the ability for fixing corrupt audio & video chunks of the video file successfully. Thus it can fix AVI files that won’t play. To know more on how to repair AVI video files that fail to play, click here:
  • The app, along with helping to fix AVI video file index, it also assists in repairing index and other issues as well on different video formats like XVID, DivX with full ease.
  • The AVI files can be on any external storage device like pen drive, memory card, external HDD, etc… The software repairs AVI video index on all these external storage devices when connected to PC without any difficulty.

All these features of Fix AVI toolkit add up together and make this repair tool as the first choice to repair AVI video index. The application has a simple interface. You can use it to fix AVI video index without any extra assistance. Still if at all you face any difficulties while using software, contact technical support team who can help you to fix AVI video file index easily.

The utility has a free trial version. So download the tool and use it to view the repaired or fixed video file. The free version works exactly like the licensed one, except that the save option is disabled here. So, when you view the fixed file, if you are satisfied with app’s performance, purchase the cost effective tool for fixing AVI video file index and save it in your desired location, & of course!! You can watch them any time you want and play it from any instant.

Easy steps to fix AVI video index:

Step 1: Launch the free demo version of the software. On the main screen, select the file that needs to be fixed. Click on "Repair" option to start repair process

Fix AVI Video Index - Main Screen

Step 2: After repair process, "Preview" option will be displayed onscreen. Click on the option to preview the repaired AVI video file.

Fix AVI Video Index - Preview Window

Step 3: Once you purchase the tool, you can save the repaired file. Browse for the location and click on the "Save" option.

Fix AVI Video Index - Save Repaired AVI File