How to Fix Corrupted AVI Video Files?

AVI files are most commonly used video file format. Compared to other movie file formats these files come with several advantages. Advantages notwithstanding, these files at times, get corrupted and refuse to give access to the data in it. So what do you do with an unplayable file? Delete it ? There is no need to do away with your file. You can repair your damaged video file with an AVI repair tool. This is designed to fix AVI files without damaging the data contained in it. Before moving a ahead towards file repair process let's have a look on some common reasons which may corrupt your AVI files and makes it unplayable.

Reasons behind AVI corruption:

  • Codec Issues: Codec is a supportive program which helps in playing your video and audio files. If the codec get corrupted it doesn’t play your AVI video.
  • Malware Infection: If your system has no anti-virus, it would take no time for viruses to find their way into your computer. These viruses attack and damage AVI files.
  • Header File Damage: The header of AVI video file stores all the information regarding the file such as date when it is created, when it is modified last time, file size, type everything. If this header of AVI file gets corrupt due to infected firmware, then it leads to AVI video file corruption.
  • Broken Download: Any kind of interruption in between AVI video file downloading process will result in incomplete or broken download due to which AVI video gets corrupt and refuse to play.

Way to fix AVI video file:

AVI Repair application helps in fixing damaged AVI files, irrespective of the cause which led to corruption. Infact it gives you simple tips on how to repair avi videos on almost all Mac and Windows running machines with utmost ease. It is an accurate tool that can efficiently repair AVI video files that are severely corrupted under various circumstances. It comes with a built in algorithm that identifies the cause of corruption and recovers AVI video files in no time. This fix corrupted AVI tool splits the video and audio stream of the damaged AVI file and fixes each individual stream separately before merging them into a single unit.

The fixed AVI file retains the original audio and video clarity. In addition, this tool repairs XVID and DIVX files. AVI Mac recovery makes it possible to recover files on Mac OS. The preview option of the application enables you to play and view your repaired AVI video file. So you get to see its usefulness before actually purchasing it. With this AVI video repair software user can easily fix audio video out of sync error problem and make your unplayable AVI file playable on many media player. Want to know how! then follow this link:


  • Backup your important AVI video files on some reliable storage media.
  • Use good download manager for downloading AVI video file.
  • Install updated version of virus protection program in your system to remove deadly viruses.
  • Use good media players to play your AVI files smoothly.
  • Don’t remove your storage drive in between AVI file transferring process.

Steps to repair AVI video file

Step 1: Download the application from the site and install it on your PC. Browse and select the corrupted AVI video file which you want to repair, then click on the repair button.

Fix AVI Video - Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of the avi repair process, the software provides you with a new window to view the fixed file.

Fix AVI Video - Preview File

Step 3: Now you need to save the file. Choose a destination location and click ‘Save’.

Fix AVI Video - Save File

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