How to Fix Xvid Video Files?

Xvid is a video file format which is widely used by popular Xvid codec to support the computer to play movies in exceptionally high quality. Xvid video format is most popular video format on the internet due to its low file size and high quality. However, due to some unknown or unknown reasons, your Xvid video file may get damaged or corrupted and makes the Xvid video impossible to play video.

But due the development of new technologies, fixing errors and corruption in Xvid video file is relatively easy and simple. You need to use any third party software like Fix AVI software which can easily scan your entire drive and repairs your corrupted or damaged Xvid video file with great ease.

Reasons behind the Xvid video file corruption:

  • Xvidcore.dll Error: If you want to play Xvid video and movies without facing any problems then it is necessary to install Xvidcore. dll file on your system. But if Xvidcore.dll file gets corrupted due to any reasons then it may show some error messages when you attempt to play the Xvid video file.

  • Insufficient Memory: At times, the device in which you are recording the video files which may have low memory space.  At such time, you may notice it and continue recording the video, which may in turn result in corruption of video file which is in Xvid video file format.

  • Codec Error: Xvid files are stored in different Codec formats. Codec structure may get damaged due to power surge or other interruptions while playing or transferring Xvid video file, leaving video file in corrupt state.

  • Bad Sectors: There is a possibility that Xvid video files may get corrupted, if the storage drive on which you have saved Xvid video files has bad sectors.

  • Power Surge: Xvid video files may get corrupted or damaged if there is sudden fluctuation in power while transferring videos from one storage device to other.

  • Other Reasons: Virus attack, download errors, header file corruption, file system corruption, etc. some of the other factors which are responsible for the corruption of Xvid video file.

If you are facing with above-mentioned scenarios, then don’t get devastated as you can use third party software like Fix AVI software which can easily repair damaged or corrupted Xvid video file.

Important Steps to Follow:

  • Always maintain a backup of essential Xvid video file on some secondary storage device.
  • Use updated antivirus on your system to avoid corruption of file including Xvid video file due to virus attack.
  • Make sure that Xvid video codec is completely installed on your PC.

Features of Fix AVI software:

  • This software separately repairs audio and video streams and later produce a healthy playable Xvid video file.

  • Using this software, you can repair AVI, MOV, DivX, etc. video file within few mouse clicks. To repair DivX video file, you can refer this link:

  • It supports repairing of Xvid video files that are stored on the various storage device such as USB drive, flash drive, memory cards, memory sticks, hard drive, external hard drive, etc. on all versions of windows and Mac operating system.

  • This software facilitates you a “Preview” option through which you can easily preview the repaired video files before saving it to the desired place.

Steps to Fix Xvid File:

Step 1: Download the software from the website and install it on your PC. Browse and select the corrupted Xvid video file which you want to repair, then click on the repair button.

Fix Xvid File - Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of the Xvid video file repairing process, the software provides you with a new window to view the fixed file.

Xvid AVI File Repair- Preview File

Step 3: Now , on next window save the repaired Xvid video file. Choose a destination location and click on the‘Save’ option.

Repair Xvid Video File - Save File

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